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Supporting you to start, run and grow your social enterprise

Whether you’re an individual with an idea or an already established business at Flourish our experts can help you and your social enterprise to thrive.  From deciding on your legal structure to business planning, we’re here for you.

Supporting disabled entrepreneurs

If you have a burning desire to start up a business or you just want to explore your options at Flourish our experts can help you  to thrive.  From deciding on your legal structure to business planning, we’re here for you.

Specialist Support for Social Enterprises

You do great things for society. You need more than just ‘any old’ consultancy or accountancy firm,   after all, you don’t operate as a business does – your purpose and goals are different, the people, animals or communities you serve are unique.  

We understand the complexities of your world

With each year that passes, it seems that the red tape you face is wrapped just that little bit tighter. With ever more rules, regulations and compliance requirements to follow, it’s little wonder that in the course of 30 years, the landscape for non-profits and social enterprise has changed irrevocably.

Over those thirty years, our staff have been there – championing the causes of great causes, and providing them with the expertise and understanding they need to push forward.

Specialist Startup Support for Disabled Individuals

Self employment can offer challenges and opportunities, it can be tough going and it's not for everyone, but for people who are disabled or have health challenges it can provide an opportunity to make a living and become self sufficient.

We understand your situation

We have lived it, our founder is disabled and needed to make changes in order to create independence and in doing so her purpose became this social enterprise in order to help others.  We have the lived, as well as the practical experience and qualifications to help you to succeed.

Our focus is simple – we support your success, and it’s a focus that we’re passionate about

What this support looks like depends entirely on you.  You may need help with your startup. You may need us to U-turn poor financial performance; you might benefit from hands-on finance software training; you may want us to streamline your systems or advise on new financial strategies to overcome turbulent times. You may need help to set up your limited company or community interest company; or perhaps mentoring with your business idea or training for your staff.

Ultimately, our services help social enterprises and disabled entrepreneurs to Flourish.

The right strategic advice for transforming your organisation

You have more motivations other than simply making money. We completely understand just how influential our support should be – not just for your finances, but in a myriad of other areas too.

We’ll listen, consult and advise you on anything from strategic planning, sustainability and change management as well as looking at social value.

Your teams could, and should, be the key to success

From basic governance training, right through to the in-depth use of the latest cloud accounting software, we can save you time (time that is better spent on working toward your organisational objectives).

We can work with using a variety of online platforms or in house at your premises or at ours.

Accounting for the third sector demands specialist expertise

With three decades of experience in working alongside non-profits and social enterprise (both small and large), our compliance and systems knowledge is your teams’ asset.

Think of us as an extension of your team – there not just for crunching the numbers, but for supporting operational health and maximum positive impact for your beneficiaries.  

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